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UFC's Tito Ortiz Calls Chuck Liddell 'A Puppet' and Dana White 'A Wannabe Gangster'

As he prepares to fight in the Octagon for the last time at UFC 84, Tito Ortiz is reflecting on his history with UFC President Dana White:

Ortiz paused for a long time, trying to think when he was asked to name some of the good things about White. When he finally decided to describe White, Ortiz said, "He is a wannabe gangster."

Ortiz also said that UFC's most popular fighter doesn't step up and demand the money that he's worth: "Chuck Liddell's a puppet," Ortiz said. "And I like Chuck, but he did the hard work for no money."

But Ortiz reiterated that although he's almost done with UFC, he's not done with mixed martial arts. He'll be looking to fight for a new promotion; my money is on him signing with EliteXC.

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