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UFC 84: Lyoto Machida Prepares for Biggest Fight of His Career vs. Tito Ortiz

There's been a lot of talk about Tito Ortiz fighting in the Octagon for the last time at UFC 84, but from the way the event has been covered (including here at FanHouse), you'd think Ortiz's opponent was going to be UFC President Dana White.

Dave Meltzer of Yahoo Sports does a good job of profiling the actual UFC 84 opponent for Ortiz, Lyoto Machida. Meltzer explains what's on the line for Machida:
He'll either be remembered as the guy who sent Ortiz out of the UFC with his tail between his legs, and in the process put himself in line for a light heavyweight title shot, or he'll be the guy whose loss led to one of the company's most embarrassing moments, allowing former light heavyweight champion Ortiz to upstage White.
Machida is undefeated, and an impressive victory over Ortiz could set him up for a light heavyweight title fight some time in the next year. But if he loses, he's going to be Ortiz's successor as White's least favorite UFC fighter.