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Carina Damm Becomes First Female MMA Fighter to Test Positive for Steroids

Carina Damm, a Brazilian who is one of the world's most famous female mixed martial arts fighters, has tested positive for steroids. Here's a look at Damm in action:

Damm, who has been nicknamed "Beauty But The Beast" and "MMA Barbie," was found to have a nandralone count of 37.9 nanograms per milliliter -- or nearly 20 times the permissible threshold of 2 ng/ml -- after her 11-second knockout win over Lashonda Knox on April 3 in Los Angeles.

The California State Athletic Commission said Damm is the first female athlete to test positive for steroids in California, and she is believed to be the first female MMA fighter to test positive for steroids anywhere. She was fined $2,500 and suspended from sanctioned MMA fighting for one year.

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