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Tim Credeur's 'The Ultimate Fighter 7' Journal - Episode 7

This blog is going to be very different than any of the other blog's from the show. During the show I kept a day to day personal journey about my experiences on the show. It is very personal but will give you insight into the mind and feelings of a fighter going through this very difficult process that we have come to know and love as the Ultimate Fighter.

"Crazy" Tim Credeur's Ultimate Fighter 7 Journal Episode 7

I would like to apologize to everyone for my lateness in turning in my Blog once again. I have recently packed up my Element and drove 1700 miles to Vegas to train. I am here full time for a while and I got very much into training and pretty much forgot about everything so again I apologize.

Day 21

We woke up pretty early at about 9 am and left for the park to do our run. It was only four of us and Forrest and he took us around the track the first time and then the next time we took a little detour and went on Forrest's Silver back Gorilla Safari run. We were going all over the place through some woods, up and down some hills and through some briar bushes. It was hilarious at the same time as being very difficult. It really made you forget about running while you were trying to figure out what Forrest was going to do next. I was beat after the run, my shoulder was going numb along with my arm from the stinger I got the day before. I took off the am practice to let it heal up a little bit. During the fight announcement Team Rampage fighter Gerald Harris called out our Thai boxing guy Amir Saddollah. At the am practice I watched Amir work out with Mike Pyle, Forrest and Mark Beecher. He looked really good. He beat a good wrestler and ground guy to get here so I am giving Amir a good chance in this one we all know that Gerald just wants to take him down and lay on him the whole fight. When we got home the chiropractor fixed my back and shoulder and then I got a massage and slept for two hours. We all loaded up and left for the pm practice. At practice we did 3 6min. rounds in bad positions standing and on the ground with fresh partners changing out on you every minute. It was brutal and the whole practice was about 2 hours including our Forrest Fightercise warm-up and warm down. I am really tired and sore. Forrest is calling Mamie for Valentine's Day for me tomorrow and I am so happy she gets to hear something about me. I just love her so much.

Day 22

Wow today is actually Valentine's Day and I spent it training and hanging out with 15 other fighters. That is definitely not the type of Valentine's Day that I enjoy most. I most enjoy going to a nice restaurant with my beautiful wife and giving her presents that I have bought for her. Instead I got to listen to Dante tell stories and Jesse do his poetry. We did a hard Muay Thai practice this morning with Mark and then after I slipped Mamie's number and a little note to Forrest. He said he would give her a call for me and wish her a Happy Valentine's Day and tell her I love her. I got home and rested for the pm practice. JT Money and Matt Riddle got hammered last night along with Luke Zachrich and they got completely out of control. They actually got the statue and smashed it all over the place and then smashed some pictures. It think it was kinda messed up because Gerald and Amir had to weigh-in for their fights today. I guess boys will be boys and you can't really fault cage fighters for being a little bit crazy you know. JT had to go to the doctor today because his eye looks terrible. They gave him a no contact bill and told him if it does not get better than he cannot fight in the Quarterfinals. I told that meat head this would happen but he does not ever listen just trains and trains like a maniac until he falls apart. For the pm practice we did a pretty hard 6 5 min. MMA rounds with the little gloves. Cameron caught me with 2 really pretty perfect armbars. The guy is really awesome and I just love rolling with him. Forrest and I just battled each other to death, we seam to love doing that too each other. Dante and I actually also did some really good work together. I miss my wife and my dogs today more than ever. Only a couple weeks left, Thank God.

Day 23

Last night before I went to bed both JT and Dante came to me asking my thoughts on the Amir and Gerald fight. I watched Amir's first fight with UFC veteran Steve Byrnes and he fights the wrestler style very well. I told them that Gerald needs 10 min. to win the fight but Amir only needs one second to finish the fight with a knee or elbow. We were all pretty nervous and anxious going to the gym for the fight that day. The first round was pretty much par for the course with Gerald rushing in and getting a few monster slams on Amir. In the second Amir missed with a knee that may have killed Gerald but it looked like he was starting to time him and Gerlad was starting to get a little tired. Gerald shot a half shoot and Amir landed a monster knee that put Gerald down hard. Amir finished him off with a solid ground and pound until the referree stepped in and stopped the fight. Our whole team stormed the cage and recognized Amir as the days hero. He went out there and fought his fight regardless of the odds and he came out on top. That makes Team Forrest 5 and 1 now in the competition. Our am practice just feed right off of the fight and we did 2 hours of hard thai boxing. I am really beggining to feel good training at this pace and at this level twice a day now. At home we found out that Gerald had really hurt his ankle badly and was going to be on crutches for the rest of the time. It is hard for me to see someone get hurt like that especially a guy as hard working and humble as Gerald is. We always want to win for sure but we don't want anyone to suffer from injuries. I think he will be ok though and I am sure Gerald will come back a lot stronger soon. For the pm practice we did a hard hour of really bad position jiu-jitsu and then about an hour of solid strength and conditioning with our coach Norm. I made some spagetti sauce and pasta tonight and it reminded me of my wife. I miss her so much. I remember us having the conversation about me retiring last year so I could get a job and provide for her like she deserves and I remember being pretty adamant about it as well. She just looked at me with those big brown eyes and said that she believed in me and I owed it to myself and to her to give it one last shot. Now look where I am. What would I have done without her? She is the reason I am here and she is my inspiration.

Day 24

I got up and I was pretty sore. I knew that I just had two training sessions today and then I was going to have the whole Sunday off to recover. My back was really hurting and my shoulder was still numb from when I got that stinger from training with Matt Brown. The morning practice was a good warm-up and then we did 6 5 min. rounds of sparring. My stand-up was looking good and my nose held up a lot better than I figuered it would. I rested pretty good and then we did the fight announcement's. Chael is going to be fighitng Pat Schultz and Nick Kline got matched up with Rampage's number 1 pick CB Dollaway. I am pretty sure that both guys can win. I think that Nick is going to tap CB and Cael is just going to go bombs over Baghdad on Schultz. For the pm practice Mike Pyle came to the gym to help out and during our warm-up I shot on JT and got another really bad stinger. I had to sit out for the rest of practice and it took about an hour until I could feel my hand and fingers again. Forrest is going to get his nerve doctor to come and do some work on me on Monday. I just want to be as good as I can be for my fight but I am fighting no matter what happens. During the pm practice I was really impressed with Mike Pyleand his ground and snipe. His GnP is amazing and ruthless. I can't wait to come and train here and learn some of his tricks. I am really enjoying this experience and I can actually feel myself getting a lot better every day.

Day 25

Went to bed last night at 1 am woke up this morning at 12:30. That is almost 12 hours of solid sleep time. I feel well rested and like I a healing up really well with the day off. I went to bed at about 200lbs. but I woke up at about 193. My metabolism is a blazing inferno right now and I plan on going to sleep pretty early tonight as well to recover completely for training and my fight this week. I have asked to fight Dan Kramer. He is the only guy to get a W over Team Forrest so far and probably the only one who will be able to fight on friday as well. I plan on standing a bit and when he clinches or shoots taking him down and beating on him until a submission opens up. I really want the next ten grand and I want to get my shot in the semi-finals. I am more and more confident in my chances as the time goes on. We went to the gym today for the last two weigh-in's and both Cael and Nick looked like killers. It will really be cool if they both can win their fights and our team goes 7-1. I think Cael is a definite W but Nick is going to have a tougher time. CB is tough but Nick can definitely submit him on the ground no doubt about it. I hope Nick crushed him and his arrogant attitude. The pm practice actually went pretty well. We did a 6 min. 6 round circuit of MMA in the little gloves and then we did a 15 min. ball buster strength and conditioning workout with Norm. It was really tough but at the same time it felt great getting through the whole thing. I only weighed about 189 after practice. I lose and gain about 10 pounds every day and it is just really crazy. My metabolism is crazy high and my diet is really good plus I am eating clean food and drinking 2 gallons of water every day. I can really see it making a considerable difference in my ability to train and fight at my most optimal level ever.

Day 26

Woke up early to an eerie sight of Nick Klein. The guy is one of the nicest guys on the season no doubt about it but not on this morning. Nick was walking around our room like a serial killer. I was actually very nervous laying my bed watching him pace around. The am practice was a really hard stand-up push with some great drills and hard cardio rounds on the kick shields. We got home and Cael and Nick had already left the house to go to the gym to get ready for their fights. I was rested but I was nervous for both of them. I came up with the nickname for Cael as "the Georgia Bomber". We got to the gym and all of us were just elated and really excited about the fights. Cael and Pat Schultz both got into the ring looking excited and ready to bang. All of the guys on both teams were really hyped for the fights. The first round was a complete bomb festival. Pat dropped Cael once, maybe twice but Cael took him down twice and also landed some great shots standing with him. I gave the round to Pat 10-9 but it was close in my opinion. In the break between rounds it looked like Pat Schultz was really tired and exhausted. When they came out for the second round Cael changed up his gameplan and shot a clean double leg and put Pat on the fence and Cael beat the hell out of him for the rest of the fight. The referree almost stopped the fight on a few different occassions. They announced that it was a decision and would not go to the third round. Rampage threw a fit and Forrest said no problem that Cael would be happy to fight a third round. All of the judges gave Cael a 10-8 round on that second round and the nod for the win. Rampage stormed off and yelled at Forrest to watch himself because "Our fight ain't going to be no decision". Forrest got a little pissed and actually went to our locker room and broke the whole door off of the door frame while Nick was warming up in the locker room in someone's guard. Forrest is a crazy psycho no doubt.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank some of my sponsors for all of their help, support and hard work in my career. Third Coast Combat is definitely reping the Deep South ( Assassin Athletics is a new and enterprising company down here supporting local fighters and myself as well ( Rocky and Kevin Miller from Xtreme Nutrition of Lafayette at both locations have gone above and beyond to really help my career in terms of suppliments and diet thanks a ton guys ( John Ouano at Ouano Kimonos has been sponsoring me with GI's and supplies for the last ten years plus he has been a jiu-jitsu teacher and mentor all of my jiu-jitsu career, John you will never be forgotten ( Scotty, Gumby and all the guys at On the Mat have been brother's in arms for many years and have always supported me thanks a million guys ( All the guys at Manto Fight have been amazing with their sponsorship and their interests in my career thanks guys ( . Courtesy Mazda of Lafayette is a new sponsor that has come on board and really taken a chance with me I promise you won't regret it Paul Stroderd. City Bar in Downtown Lafayette thanks for all of the support and love. I would also like to thank Barczyk Chiropractor Group and Dr. Barczyk for all his help. Dr. Thomas Montgomery and all his staff have been amazing thank you as well. I would never be here without my mentor and master Rodrigo Medeiros who has been a real life Mr. Miyagi to me in my life, your work with me has changed my life and I thank you ( Last but not least I would like to thank everyone out there who has believed in me and made my career possible there are just too many to name. To all my students never stop training and remember the secret is in the journey not the destination.

This blog is my personal opinions and personal experience from the show. I cannot speak for anyone else but this is how Tim Credeur see's it so enjoy it. If you have any questions concerns of comments please hit me up on or

Don't miss the party every Wednesday night at City Bar Downtown. Please attend if you can it will be a great time to support your local UFC fighter and I am down to earth and cool so feel free to come introduce yourself and ask me any questions you have or discuss fights. I am the guy that looks like a wilder beast. I will also be selling the new "Crazy" Tim T-shirts that you can view on my myspace page. Until next week keep on fighting.

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