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The Ultimate Fighter 7 Episode 6 Recap

After a quick recap of last week's episode viewers were reminded of the prank Jeremy May pulled on Matt Brown by squirting lime juice in his tobacco. Brown was given a heads-up prior to packing his cheek for a quick fix but the damage was already done. Brown professed revenge would be his and May would pay for his intent to punk the Team Griffin middleweight, despite the failed execution of his prank.

Perhaps a nicotine fit is a mild version of 'roid rage? or "Man's Law" dictates you simply do not mess with another guys Skoal. Either way, Brown declared May would pay dearly for his actions. Since Griffin still had control of the fight selections, Brown chose to fight May and the only obstacle in the way was the formality of making weight. Both competitors did so, with about one pound to spare, for the first of two matches Spike TV aired this episode.

Several fighters expressed opinions about Jeremy May and Matt Brown and the general consensus was May is highly annoying and Brown is the resident bad-ass. With the extra incentive of revenge on his plate, one might kick it up a notch and say Brown could even be a danger to May's health. Viewers were moments away from watching this drama unfold.

During his pre-fight confessional, Brown shared that his troubled past included drugs, alcohol, street fighting and jail time, as well as professed the sport of MMA saved his life.

May's pre-fight banter included a confession that, just like he faked taking 12-13 shots of vodka a couple of nights before (put water in the bottle), he had been milking a knee injury in order to get out of quite a bit of training. Some things are better left unsaid and that accounts for most everything that has come out of Jeremy May's mouth since the opening episode.

The moment of truth found both fighters inside the Octagon and it was time to see if the fight would live up to the hype. May came out swinging for the fences, throwing Liddell-like looping punches, a few of which landed and woke Brown up. After responding with a shot of his own that sent his opponent to the canvas, Brown threw a few kicks before joining May on the ground where he quickly finds himself in the dominant position.

May held his own and managed to thwart Brown's efforts to secure an armbar and even dumped Brown on his head to get out of the situation. Coach Griffin was going berserk on the sidelines screaming for Brown to "unleash the animal" on May but the best he could come up with at the moment was a lethargic puppy.

As the round progressed, a gassing May had to be regretting his laziness in the gym by exaggerating the injury to his knee in order to get out of what he didn't feel like doing because his cardio was costing him a fight he could have won if he had more energy.

Brown, also visibly spent, began to pick his shots, none of which May had an answer for. At that point, Brown went in for the kill and finished the fight with a solid left kick to the face of his opponent that not only sent May crashing to the canvas, but also injured Brown's foot in the process. Nothing a bag of ice won't take care of, I imagine. Another victory for Team Forrest and another opportunity for the boys in brown to pick the next match.

Dana White commented that while both coaches are funny guys who like to joke around, the losses are getting to Rampage and the tension between the two is starting to build.

Rampage cannot figure out the key to Forrest's success and the look on his face when Forrest told him the match ups came via coin toss was priceless.

With another toss of the coin Dan Cramer (the blue teams 3-0 resident country club pretty boy with perfect teeth and no tattoos) was chosen to fight Coach Forrest's Luke Zachrich (6-1 Team Gurgel fighter picked last for the brown team) in the next bout.

Either the "edit monster" was hard at work to make these two fighters come across as the most boring athletes of the season or they really are because there was no excitement leading up to the match. The actual fight, on the other hand, was a completely different story.

Cramer came out swinging for the fences until the two tied up and Zachrich connected with a hard right that momentarily rocked the pretty boy. After a brief struggle against the fence Zachrich landed several effective strikes that would have leveled some fighters, but Cramer's strong jaw weathered the storm.

As the round wore on so did the exchanges between these two guys, reminiscent of the season one TUF finale between Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar. Both fighters continued to display great heart as they went for broke and it was clear this battle wasn't going to require the judge's scorecards to determine a victor.

Zachrich eventually took Cramer to the mat and spent the final minute or so trying to secure a rear-naked choke on the tattles one, to no avail. Both fighters were running on empty by that point and the round came to a close.

Cramer came out swinging with the round two bell and then managed to score a takedown where he began to drop elbows on Zachrich. The brown team middleweight responded by giving up his back and Cramer didn't hesitate to go for a submission attempt. When that proved to be unsuccessful Cramer took the mount and began unloading with punches and elbows. Zachrich was too tired to intelligently defend himself so the referee stepped in and stopped the fight.

Cramer's victory brought the scoreboard to Team Forrest 4, Team Rampage 1. Control to pick the next match up resides with Coach Rampage and he couldn't be happier. Spike TV viewers were treated to the light-heavyweight champs victory dance and I am hopeful the world will get to see the 'hapless hoofer' do his thing on an upcoming season of "Dancing with the Stars!"

Tune in next week to see if Team Rampage can build momentum and start to even out the scoreboard or if this single victory was a fluke. See you then!

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