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Nick Diaz Back on Dream.3 MMA Card

After a prolonged controversy about whether his contract would allow him to participate, American Nick Diaz is officially on this weekend's Dream.3 mixed martial arts card in Japan. Here's a look at Diaz showing off his gym:

EliteXC officials had previously said that Diaz would be violating his contract if he participated in the Dream.3 card, but his trainer, Cesar Gracie, says they've worked out all the contractual issues and that Diaz will, in fact, fight the Japanese welterweight Katsuya Inoue. "I pulled an all-nighter with Nick last night, cutting weight, and getting him on the plain. So it's all good now," Gracie said, according to MMA Weekly.

The Dream mixed martial arts organization isn't particularly well known in the United States, and although HDNet will show it live on Sunday, the ungodly hour that it's shown (starting at 3 a.m. Eastern) means very few American fans will watch. But I like the way Dream is trying to carve out a niche for itself in the MMA world, and having Diaz involved should help it reach an American audience.

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