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Tito Ortiz: 'I Still Have a Lot of Fight Left in Me' Could Leave UFC for EliteXC or Mark Cuban

As he prepares to fight at UFC 84, Tito Ortiz wants to make it very clear that it's only the last fight of his UFC career, not the last fight of his mixed martial arts career:

"I'm going to be a world champion again," Ortiz said. "It may not be with the UFC thanks to Dana White, but it may be somewhere else. EliteXC, Mark Cuban's having a show, Oscar De La Hoya's having a show ... I still have a lot of fight left in me."

If EliteXC could sign Ortiz, it would be a huge coup -- and an Ortiz vs. Kimbo Slice fight could be the biggest MMA fight of the year. Ortiz has a huge fan base and his next move will be a big move for the future of the sport.

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