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Bas Rutten Thinks Other MMA Fighters Are Jealous of Kimbo Slice

Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson is nowhere near America's most accomplished mixed martial arts fighter, but he's one of the most famous, and depending on how things go in his network TV debut on CBS next month, he may soon be the most famous. A lot of other MMA fighters don't like that, and Slice's trainer, Bas Rutten, explains why in this video:

(Via MMA Junkie.) "You know why it is," Rutten said. "It's because every time all the fighters hear, 'What about Kimbo? What about Kimbo? What about Kimbo?'"

Rutten said being asked about Slice grates on fighters who have been in the sport longer than he has, but Rutten adds, "I don't get it. Does he do anything wrong? People say 'He doesn't have any ground game.' How do they know? ... He's good to the fans, he treats the people good. He talks good about other fighters. He never talks bad. They talk bad about him, but not the other way around. He trains hard. He's a role model. The guy's never been in jail, and they say he's a thug. The guy is doing a really good job, but everybody is just asking about him all the time, and it drives the other fighters nuts."

I think Rutten is basically right. Slice hasn't done anything to damage the sport or its credibility, and if he draws more fans to it, that should help everyone associated with MMA.

At the same time, I do hope that eventually, Slice fights someone who's skilled in Muay Thai or jiu-jitsu, and not just brawlers like Ray Mercer, Bo Cantrell, Tank Abbott and James Thompson. If he does that, I think he'll earn the respect of his fellow fighters.

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