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Tim Credeur's 'The Ultimate Fighter 7' Journal - Episode 4

This blog is going to be very different than any of the other blog's from the show. During the show I kept a day to day personal journey about my experiences on the show. It is very personal but will give you insight into the mind and feelings of a fighter going through this very difficult process that we have come to know and love as the Ultimate Fighter.

"Crazy" Tim Credeur's Ultimate Fighter 7 Journal Episode 4

Day 10

Today I really miss my wife. She is really just an emotional and mental rock in my life. Seeing her in tears at the airport really crushed my heart but at the same time it inspired me to do my thing for real.

I am weighing 188 and I have to make weight at 186 tomorrow, which is really no problem for me. I just feel amped up and ready to go. I know that I have made all the sacrifices it takes to get myself the W against Matt Riddle. I know the kid is talented and will one day soon be a great fighter in the sport but I am going to smash him in our fight and there is just no doubt about it at all. I train with bigger, stronger guys and with better wrestlers. The kid is in for a really tough day at the office no doubt. I worked really light in the gym after I called him out at the fight announcements today. I just want to give my body the opportunity to rest up and fully heal itself.

We watched the UFC tonight at the house and it was really awesome to watch all of the jiu-jitsu guys prevail so heavily. I was really sad about my friend Kyle Bradley's showing against Chris Lytle. It just looked like something was really off with him and he kept tricking his knee out or something. Regardless I have to put that behind me and go do my thing in 2 days. Beauseant!!!

Day 11

Today we weighed in for my fight at 4 pm. I only had about 2 or 3 pounds to cut to get at 186. It was an easy cut for me. At morning practice I mentioned to Forrest that I was planning on either working out a deal with ATT in Fort Lauderdale or even coming to Vegas to prepare and get ready for the finale in June or July. He actually offered for me to come and stay with him in his house and train fulltime with him for the finale. There were about 5 of us sitting there but he only offered me that specific opportunity. I was really once again taken aback by the offer and by Forrest's kindness. He really seems to like and respect me a lot as well as all of the guys on the team. I am so appreciative and I am pretty sure I am going to go to Vegas to train with him and his team for the big show. If I do that I could always make weekend runs to San Diego to train with my master Rodrigo Medeiros.

At the weigh-ins I stared down Riddle pretty good and he seemed to be letting the mental game get to him a little. Eventually he could not look at me in the eyes any more. I can just tell I am in his head a little bit and I plan on using that and be aggressive and go out there to destroy him from the first bell until the end of the fight. I know I can do five five-minute rounds if need be so just two or three will not be a problem for me at all. Of course I know the kid has awesome power in his hands but I won't put my hands down and I will not make the same mistake that Dan Simmler made in his fight. I did kind of befriend Simmler before this whole thing so I also look at this fight as getting one back for him and for Jiu-Jitsu guys as a whole, even though Riddle has some Jits I consider him a wrestler mostly.

I plan on striking until he wants to wrestle and then I am going to wear him out. When he is really tired I do plan on picking up the pressure and forcing him to make some serious mistakes that will allow the opportunity to capitalize on them by knocking him out or submitting him. If I get the submission, then I do, but I want to keep it standing and bang on him a pretty good first to be honest. I am really excited and amped to just show the world what I have been training to do for most of my life. This kid is awesome but he is nowhere near my level and when I get him into the deep water late in the fight I know my experience and technique will finish him off. Tomorrow I intend to prove to myself and everyone else that I am no lucky fighter, I am a contender and I plan on winning this whole show and I am going to prove that.

Day 12

I woke up pretty early at about 8 am and I made myself my traditional pre-fight breakfast, which consists of eggs sunny side up, bacon and whole-wheat toast. I felt good. I left for the gym at 11:30 to be with the team during their practice and then I just stuck around for my fight. I took Forrest's advice and did a really killer 30 minute warm-up that completely blew my first wind out in the locker room and had me ready to fight. The Legendary STITCH wrapped my hands and I swore I would keep them after the fight.

I was amped up and when they said it was go time I was ready. I got into the ring first and then came Riddle. The fight was just surreal. We went back and forth over and over. I thought he was finished at the end of the first round. I was landing some heavy punches and elbows but that kid is all heart and he never quit. I was very proud of his warrior spirit and the way he fought, the kid is a beast and mark my words he will be a force in MMA in a couple years. The bell saved him from the punishment at the end of the first round.

The second round was more back and forth with him catching me pretty good standing and trying to finish but he took me down and I got my sweep and then mounted and finished with that armbar in direct disobedience to my coach Forrest's advice. I just knew I had it. I could feel that his spirit was a little broken and he was tired, I felt him hesitate for just one second and that is when I took it. The arm was about to explode. I was sure he was going to let me break it and I was going to but he tapped at the last possible second.

Matt Riddle is a real warrior and a real fighter. He earned my respect in this fight and I will always be a Matt Riddle fan after this, I hope we can train and work together one day. He made some cool comments to me that meant a lot to me. He said, "Tim I wish you were my coach", that comment meant more to me than that kid will ever know. In fighting it is about respect and that is probably one of the most respectful comment's someone could say.

That brought a tear to my eyes and I appreciated it for what it was, respect warrior to warrior. I was so shocked that I had actually done it and won the fight. It was an amazing battle and all of the people in the gym were on their feet going crazy cheering for us. Matt Riddle and I brought it and everyone was impressed with the fight. I was so proud of Riddle's performance that I swore to buy him an XBOX 360 when I got home as a reward for his heart and warrior spirit.

I just needed a battle like that and to get to have it on Spike TV in front of millions of people is just amazing. When I got home my pictures of Mamie were on my bed and I instantly started to cry. I was just having an emotional time knowing how proud of me she is going to be when I get home. The money is going to help us out so much it is unbelievable. I went to the night training session just to be with the guys. Today besides my wedding day ranks up there as the best day of my life. I only wish I had Mamie here to share it with me. Thanks again Matt Riddle for being a warrior.

"Crazy" Tim Credeur

This blog is my personal opinions and personal experience from the show. I cannot speak for anyone else but this is how Tim Credeur see's it so enjoy it. If you have any questions concerns of comments please hit me up on or

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