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UFC 83: Matt Serra vs. Georges St.-Pierre Main Event Live Blog

UPDATE: UFC 83: Georges-St. Pierre Beats Matt Serra for Welterweight Championship

Welcome to the FanHouse live blog of the UFC 83 main event, featuring round-by-round and minute-by-minute updates of the Georges St-Pierre vs. Matt Serra welterweight title fight.

The undercard is over and the Serra vs. GSP main event will start a little after midnight Eastern. In the undercard, Rich Franklin beat Travis Lutter, Michael Bisping beat Charles McCarthy, Mac Danzig beat Mark Bocek and Nate Quarry beat Kalib Starnes.

Live, round-by-round updates of the Serra vs. St-Pierre main event begin after the jump.

Refresh this page constantly for updates every minute of the fight.

Georges St-Pierre vs. Matt Serra
St-Pierre has entered the Octagon to a thunderous ovation. He looks like he really, really wants this. You can read in his face that he needs to win this fight.

Serra is now walking toward the Octagon, and he's being showered with boos. The Montreal fans seem more enthusiastic about booing Serra than they did about cheering St-Pierre. Serra has entered the Octagon. To the extent that you can tell things by reading faces, I think St-Pierre looks more focused and ready. The ovation for St-Pierre is overwhelming, as are the boos toward Serra.
Round 1: This fight is underway. St-Pierre with an immediate takedown. Gets to half guard. I'm amazed that St-Pierre got the takedown so quickly but that means he won't have to stand up with Serra the way he did the first time. St-Pierre is on top, not a lot of action. St-Pierre has landed a couple of strikes on the ground but nothing substantial, Serra looks comfortable with his defense. Serra is trying to land some elbows. The Montreal fans sound a lot like a European soccer crowd. A nice combination by St-Pierre. We're halfway through the first round and St-Pierre has definitely been in control; he's winning this fight. A big elbow from St-Pierre. Serra is trying to set up a knee submission but St-Pierre is continuing to dominate here. St-Pierre passed guard and is landing strikes. But now Serra is showing good ground defense. Serra is grabbing his own head, as if he's in pain from a strike. They're back on their feet with less than a minute to go in the round. A big takedown again by St-Pierre. A couple of strikes. This round is over and St-Pierre clearly won it. GSP had a game plan and executed it to perfection. Serra is going to need to regroup.

Round 2: Serra has a black eye from a St-Pierre strike, but it doesn't seem to be bothering him. Again, St-Pierre goes for the immediate takedown and executes it successfully, although Serra is in a good position on the ground. St-Pierre is doing everything he wants to do, but Serra is defending himself effectively. They're back on their feet. Serra landed a strike, St-Pierre missed with a spinning back kick. St-Pierre is jabbing and Serra was caught not ready for them. Now they're back on the ground as St-Pierre lands another takedown. St-Pierre is controlling the fight right now, halfway through the second round. Serra did a nice job of getting into guard. St-Pierre lands a strike on the ground. He's now landing knees. St-Pierre doesn't look tired; he's in great shape and he's doing everything he wants to do. He's in side control. GSP is landing a series of strikes, none of which are individually all that hard, but the cumulative effect will be huge. Serra is in trouble. It's over! The ref steps in and stops it! St-Pierre wins.

Result: Georges St-Pierre defeats Matt Serra by TKO.

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