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Georges St-Pierre on Fighting Matt Serra at UFC 83: 'I'm Scared. I'm Very Nervous'

As he prepares to fight Matt Serra for the welterweight championship before a hometown crowd at UFC 83, Montreal native Georges St-Pierre is doing something refreshing: He's admitting that he's nervous about it. The Montreal Gazette reports that St-Pierre had this to say yesterday:

"It's a day I've been waiting for for a long time, a historic day. It's the best training camp I've ever had. I've trained so hard, and I'm in the best shape I've ever been in. ...I'm scared. I'm very nervous. I have butterflies, but I have to make my butterflies fly in formation."

St-Pierre's fans don't seem the least bit nervous; they all seem to think that he's got this fight in the bag. But it's only natural for St-Pierre, fighting in front of the biggest crowd in UFC history, a crowd that will be almost unanimously in his corner, has some butterflies. I like the fact that he acknowledges them.

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