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Choi Hong-man, Last Fedor Emelianenko Opponent, Leaves MMA for Military

Who will be the next opponent for top heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko? That's been the biggest question in mixed martial arts for the last few months. (It appears that the answer is Tim Sylvia.) But today we have some news about Choi Hong-man, the last opponent Emelianenko fought. Here's video of Choi's loss to Emelianenko on New Year's Eve in Tokyo:

The news today from the Korea Times (via Fight Opinion) is that the 7-foot-2, 353-pound Choi is now going to be leaving MMA behind to enter the South Korean Army.

Choi will begin his compulsory 26-month service on Monday with four weeks of basic training. He will then be assigned to non-combat duty.

When he's out of the military, in June of 2010, Choi will still be under contract to K-1, and he is expected to resume his MMA career then.

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