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Before UFC 83, Georges St.-Pierre, Matt Serra Discuss Their First Fight

Via Bloody Elbow come a couple of interesting videos showing Georges St.-Pierre and Matt Serra discussing their first fight, as well as their rematch, which will take place Saturday night at UFC 83. First up, St.-Pierre watches his knockout loss to Serra last year and explains what happened:

"I thought he wanted to bring the fight on the ground, so I was not expecting him trying to stand with me. Not at all," St.-Pierre said. "He caught me right behind the ear."

After the jump, Serra talks about the fight.
Here's Serra talking about this Saturday's rematch, saying, "I'm confident in what I can do":

It's quite clear that Serra is sick and tired of hearing that he got lucky when he beat St.-Pierre, that he's not as good as St.-Pierre, and that he's going to lose to St.-Pierre.

I don't think Serra got lucky when he beat St.-Pierre the first time, but I do think he's not as good as St.-Pierre and is probably going to lose Saturday night. But I can't wait to watch Serra try to prove me, and most MMA fans, wrong.

We'll be live blogging UFC 83 here at FanHouse.

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