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AFL Star Barry Hall May Have Future in MMA

Here's a little something for all you people who enjoy watching someone get knocked out with one punch:

That's Barry Hall, star forward for the Sydney Swans of the Australian Football League. In last weekend's Swans v. West Coast Eagles match, Hall put a ferocious left hook on Eagles defender Brent Staker, effectively knocking Staker out of the game.

Hall is expected to receive a lengthy suspension from the AFL. Perhaps he could use that time to reconsider his career path. "Big Bad Barry" has a history as a boxer, and one boxing agent in Australia suggested that Hall could make up to AU$10 million in Australia alone if he quit Aussie Rules and took up boxing. With his punching ability and his trademark toughness -- which is also shown in this video -- Hall looks like he could have quite a career in either boxing or mixed martial arts.

Maybe after his $600,000-a-year deal with Sydney is up in 2009, Hall should look into it. He'd certainly bring the AFL more worldwide publicity than, say, Sav Rocca.

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