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Butterbean Lost to Pat Smith, but He Beat James Thompson, Next Kimbo Slice Opponent

Eric "Butterbean" Esch lost to Pat Smith in the first (and last?) Yamma Pit Fighting event on Friday night, but here's a look at Butterbean having more success, against James Thompson in 2007:

Thompson is in the news this week because he's the next opponent for Kimbo Slice. Thompson will be the most accomplished opponent Slice has faced, but obviously, if the most accomplished opponent you've faced lost to Butterbean, you haven't faced any accomplished opponents. The Slice vs. Thompson fight at the first CBS EliteXC show will be interesting enough, but Robbie Lawler vs. Scott Smith will be a much better fight for people who enjoy watching skilled MMA competitors.

As for Yamma Pit Fighting, the version of MMA with the unique cage, I didn't see its debut because I have DirecTV and Yamma Pit Fighting wasn't available on DirecTV. Given how hard DirecTV usually tries to attract sports fans, that should tell you something about the level of interest in Yamma Pit Fighting. A recap of what happened at the first Yamma show is here.

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