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YAMMA Pit Fighting 1 live round-by-round results

Live play-by-play of YAMMA Pit Fighting from the Trump Taj Mahal Arena in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

With the exception of the tournament final, which is three five-minute rounds, all other tournament bouts are one five-minute rounds. The two Masters Superfights are each two five-minute rounds.

1. Lamont Lister def. Oleg Savitsky via TKO (strikes) - R1 (0:33)
2. Bryan Vetell def. Antwain Britt via unanimous decision
3. Alexey Oleynick def. Sherman Pendergarst via submission (choke) - R1 (4:18)
4. Chris Tuscherer def. Tony Sylvester via unanimous decision
5. Travis Wiuff def. Marcelo Pereira via unanimous decision
6. Ricco Rodriguez def. George Bush via unanimous decision
7. Oleg Taktarov def. Mark Kerr via submission (kneebar) - R1 (1:55)
8. Chris Tuscherer def. Alexey Oleynick via unanimous decision
9. Travis Wiuff def. Ricco Rodriguez via unanimous decision
10. Patrick Smith def. Eric "Butterbean" Esch via submission (strikes) - R1 (3:17)
11. Travis Wiuff def. Chris Tuscherer via unanimous decision


Quarterfinals: Sherman Pendergarst (264.6) vs. Alexey Oleynick (220.2)

R1: They touch gloves. Oleynick lands uppercuts during a brief tie-up with Pendergarst, who pushes Oleynick down for the takedown. Pendergarst ends up inside Oleynick's closed guard. They are stood back up with 3:29 left. Oleynick lands a right. Oleynick connects with two knees in clinch. Oleynick gets the easy takedown. Oleynick works punches to the body and head of Pendergarst. The referee stands them up with less than 2 minutes left. Oleynick receives a warning for a late punch. When the fight resumes, Oleynick scores a strong takedown on the elevated part of the mat. Oleynick, in Pendergarst's half guard, submits Pendergarst with a choke.

Oleynick wins via submission - R1 (4:18)

Quarterfinals: Chris Tuscherer (264) vs. Tony Sylvester (262.8)

R1: Tuscherer moves in for the takedown. Sylvester uses the elevated ramp to stabilize himself. They separate and Tuscherer goes for a takedown. He gets it this time and secures side control. Sylvester gets back to his knee, but Tuscherer applies a guillotine. Sylvester escapes and they are back to their feet in clinch. Tuscherer hits his opponent with a knee and an uppercut. Sylvester falls down and immediately gets back to his feet. Tuscherer puts Sylvester back down. Sylvester again stands back up with the help of the ramp. Tuscherer controls Sylvester's back and throws lefts. Tuscherer throws two knees right before the sound of the bell.

Tuscherer wins via unanimous decision

Quarterfinals: Marcelo "Pato" Pereira (219.4) vs. Travis Wiuff (242.8)

R1: Wiuff takes Pereira down ten seconds into the bout. Wiuff works punches to the Pereira's body. Pereira throws punches off his back while trying to control an arm. The referee stands them up with 1:42 left. Wiuff scores the takedown. Pereira is in butterfly guard with his back against the ramp. Wiuff connects with punches inside of Pereira's guard. Wiuff opens a cut above Pereira's right eye. Pereira tries an armbar but it's too late.

Wiuff wins via unanimous decision

Quarterfinals: Ricco Rodriguez (264.6) vs. George Bush (231.6)

R1: They circle each other throwing jabs. Rodrigugez takes Bush down. Bush up again and Rodrigugez slams him down. Rodriguez tries the rear naked choke but Bush escapes. Rodriguez picks Bush up for another slam. Bush escapes to his feet. Rodriguez lands a punch combo. Rodriguez lands a leg kick. Bush throws a leg kick but Rodriguez catches it and takes control of Bush's back. Rodriguez throws rights with Bush against the ramp. Rodriguez backs off with kick. Rodriguez scores another takedown. Rodriguez secures Bush's back. Bush stands up and jumps down with a punch - only to give up his back.

Rodriguez wins via unanimous decision

Masters Superfight: Mark Kerr (266.2) vs. Oleg Taktarov (221.2)

R1: Taktarov taps Kerr with a leg. Taktarov throws punches but nothing hits. Kerr scores the takedown. Takataro kicks Kerr off and gets back to his feet. Kerr drops Taktarov with a right hand. Taktarov baits Kerr into giving up his leg. Kerr taps to a kneebar.

Taktarov wins via submission - R1 (1:50)

Semifinals: Chris Tuscherer vs. Alexey Oleynick

R1: Tuscherer moves into clinch. Oleynick tries a takedown, but gets caught in a guillotine choke. Tuscherer lets go of the hold and takes Oleynick down. Tuscherer throws lefts hands from inside Oleynick's guard. Oleynick wants the triangle choke, but Tuscherer doesn't allow it. Tuscherer attempts an armbar but Tuscherer immediately pulls out. Oleynick briefly puts Tuscherer in a triangle choke but Tuscherer escapes right away. Tuscherer grounds and pounds inside the guard of Oleynick. Tuscherer passes to side with less than 30 seconds left. Oleynick pulls butterfly guard to end the round.

Tuscherer wins via unanimous decision

Semifinals: Ricco Rodriguez vs. Travis Wiuff

R1: They box to start. Wiuff lands a jab. Wiuff misses a punch combo started by a superman punch. Wiuff scores the takedown. Rodriguez, inside Wiuff's guard, holds Wiuff down. Rodriguez teases a keylock. Wiuff presses Rodriguez against the ramp. Wiuff grabs Rodriguez's right ankle and drops him on his back. Wiuff stands up while Rodriguez sits against the ramp. Rodriguez positions himself again for the keylock. The referee stands them up with less than one minute remaining. Rodriguez receives a warning for an unintentional knee to Wiuff's groin. With the fight back on, Wiuff moves inside with Rodriguez and quickly backs off. Rodriguez charges with a punch, but Wiuff counters. Wiuff hip tosses Rodriguez to the mat. The fight ends with Wiuff in Rodriguez's half guard.

Wiuff wins via unanimous decision

Masters Superfight: Patrick Smith (240) vs. Eric "Butterbean" Esch (416.2)

R1: Smith opens with a jab and a leg kick. Esch throws a kick and swings heavy rights. Patrick lands a punch combo. Smith connects with front kicks. Smith is tagging Esch with punches. Esch is clearly swinging his right in hopes of a knockout. Esch throws a heavy right but trips. Smith takes Esch's side and throws punches and elbows. Esch covers up but does nothing to escape. Smith throws repeated punches and elbows. Esch is still doing nothing to escape as Smith continues to pound away. The referee warns Esch. Esch verbally submits.

Smith wins via submission - R1 (3:17)

Finals: Chris Tuscherer vs. Travis Wiuff

R1: They touch gloves. WIuff lands thre jabs. Tuscherer clinches with Wiuff. Wiuff takes Tuscherer down into side control. Tuscherer tries to roll Wiuff over, but can't finish. Wiuff is holding Tuscher down while landing occasional elbows. Tuscherer is actively trying to escape. Tuscherer scrambles back to his feet. Wiuff lands a right to the head and a left to the body. Tuscherer connects with a right. Wiuff answers with rights that land. Tuscherer smiles. Wiuff puts Tuscherer down on the side surface. Tuscher throws punches from guard. The referee stands them up due to Wiuff's lack of aggressiveness. Wiuff rocks Tuscherer with a right, and another. Tuscher is down with his nose bleeding as Wiuff continues to land punches. Tuscherer is saved by the bell.

R2: Wiuff takes Tuscherer down. Wiuff drops elbows, but is mainly lying on top of Tuscherer. The referee stands them up. Tuscherer lands a jab. Wiuff gets double underhooks but backs off when Tuscherer tries a guillotine. Tuscherer connects with a couple of uppercuts in clinch. They both work jabs. Tuscherer charges in but Wiuff steps back. Tuscherer lands a leg kick.

R3: Tuscherer pulls guard. Wiuff is patiently throw ing elbows. The referee stands them up with a little over three minutes remaining. Tuscherer takes down Wiuff, who has his back against the ramp. WIuff escapes into standing clinch. Tuscherer connects with a jab. Wiuff connects with a right. They land jabs on each other. They clinch with 1:11 left. They separate with 0:44 left. They are back into clinch seconds later. They connect with jabs. Tuscherer stuns Wiuff. Wiuff stops the momentum with a takedown.

Wiuff wins via unanimous decision and the heavyweight tournament.

YAMMA Pit Fighting 2 will take place on June 22 with a middleweight tournament, a women's bout and a Masters Superfight.

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