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Kim Couture, Wife of Randy, Wins MMA Debut

Here are some highlights, via MMA Junkie, of the mixed martial arts debut of Kim Couture, the wife of UFC heavyweight champion-in-exile Randy Couture:

Kim Couture had previously participated in a Muay Thai smoker, but the above video shows her first actual MMA competition. She won with a third round TKO.

Thanks to her husband, Kim Couture is by far the best known female MMA fighter, but she's not the best. Gina Carano , who will fight on the EliteXC card on CBS on May 31, is more accomplished in the cage than Kim Couture is. But there's definitely a place for women in MMA, and adding female fighters -- who would in turn attract more female fans -- is an obvious opportunity for other organizations to make some inroads on UFC, which has shown no interest in putting women in the Octagon.

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