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Travis Lutter on Anderson Silva: 'I Could Beat Him ... I Don't Think He's the Best'

It's hard to find anyone in the mixed martial arts world who will say anything negative about UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. Widely recognized as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, people usually talk about Silva with awe in their voices.

But not Travis Lutter. Silva submitted Lutter at UFC 67 last year, but Lutter came away convinced that he'd beat Silva if they fought again. He tells Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports:

"I still think I could beat him," Lutter said of Silva, who submitted him with strikes in the second round of what became a non-title bout. "We match up wrong for each other. I don't think he's the best 185-pounder in the world other than me. Other guys would give him big problems. Matt Lindland, I think, kills him. Anderson is an incredible standup fighter. He looks like Superman on his feet. But his takedown defense is not that good and ... "

When Lutter says he and Silva "match up wrong for each other," well, that's just dumb. A more accurate assessment would be that Lutter matches up wrong for Silva. There's no reason at all that UFC would give Lutter another chance at Silva because there's no reason to believe the result would be different.

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