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Lee Murray: From Going the Distance With Anderson Silva to Stealing $100 Million

Fans of the British mixed martial arts promotion Cage Rage may remember this 2004 fight between Anderson Silva and Lee Murray.

Murray lost that fight by decision, and going the distance with Silva is an impressive feat, even though the decision was unanimous and the stats at Fight Metric say the fight wasn't very close.

But then Murray did something that will forever overshadow what he did in his short MMA career, which included an appearance at UFC 46: He orchestrated the largest cash heist in history.

There's a great article in this week's Sports Illustrated by L. Jon Wertheim that profiles Murray and explains the crime he committed, the Securitas depot robbery in Kent, England, which netted Murray and his accomplices more than 53 million pounds in cash, or about $100 million.

Murray fled England when his accomplices were caught and is currently in a Moroccan prison; his father is Moroccan, which automatically makes him a Moroccan citizen, and whether he'll be extradited to Great Britain is a matter of some dispute between the Moroccan and British governments. But what is clearly true is that Murray's MMA career is over. Wertheim's story is a great chronicle of his rise and fall.

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