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Liddell to coach when it's time to retire from UFC

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell will focus on coaching when it comes time to retire from competitive fighting, which he says could happen in two to four years.

"I definitely will be moving into coaching," Liddell said in an interview with The Sun. "I've got a couple of guys that have been training with me for a long time and they've helped me get to where I'm at today."

Well known for his love to fight, Liddell, 38, plans to keep competing as long as his body holds up.

Acting is another possibility for Liddell in the future. Liddell told the UK publication that he has received offers but has been too busy to follow through.

"But If I can get something to fit in with my fight schedule, I might do it now but for we'll see what happens."

Liddell will see action next on June 7 against The Ultimate Fighter 2 winner Rashad Evans at UFC 85 in London.

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