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Kenny Florian to Replace Joe Rogan on UFC 83 Pay-Per-View Broadcast

Although I like the work that Joe Rogan does on UFC broadcasts, I'm not too disappointed about the report from MMA Weekly that Rogan will miss the upcoming broadcast of UFC 83 and will be replaced as the color commentator by Kenny Florian. Here's a good look at exactly what I think Florian's strength as a broadcaster will be, demonstrating the fundamentals of mixed martial arts:

As you can see in that video, Florian is great at explaining submission techniques. I think Florian could become to MMA what Ron Jaworski is to the NFL: The go-to analyst for in-depth analysis, someone who can use his own experience to simplify complex concepts.

Florian, who beat Joe Lauzon at UFC Fight Night this week, is one of UFC's top lightweights, and he won't be a full-time broadcaster any time soon. And Rogan apparently just has a scheduling conflict and will remain UFC's primary color commentator. But I love the way UFC is thinking here: Florian is smart and eloquent, and it makes sense to use his skills both in and out of the Octagon.

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