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Relegated to UFC's Second Tier, Karo Parisyan Says, 'I Want to Kill Someone Over It'

Georges St-Pierre vs. Matt Serra at UFC 83 is the mixed martial arts welterweight fight everyone is talking about. But for fans who don't want to wait until April 19, there's a pretty good welterweight fight tonight, when Karo Parisyan takes on Thiago Alves at UFC Fight Night on Spike.

At the same time, while tonight's fight is a good one, being on the card at UFC Fight Night is a far cry from headlining a pay-per-view show. And for Parisyan, no matter how well he does against Alves tonight, he won't get a shot at the St-Pierre-Serra winner. For now anyway, Parisyan is behind Jon Fitch in the UFC welterweight pecking order. And how does he feel about that? He tells the Los Angeles Times:
"It's a touchy subject for me and there's times I want to kill someone over it," Parisyan said of his placement behind Fitch in the title waiting room. "The first thing I need now is a victory. . . . OK, Fitch is now ranked higher than me. Karo's not done. Karo will be back."
Parisyan has a victory over Serra to his credit, and he went the distance in a loss to St-Pierre, so you can't blame him for thinking he deserves to be a title contender. But he's still only 25. He'll have many more chances.

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