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James Irvin TKOs Houston Alexander in 8 Seconds: Fastest Knockout in UFC History

James Irvin tied the UFC record for the fastest knockout tonight, finishing his fight with Houston Alexander at UFC Fight Night in eight seconds.

When Irvin and Alexander stepped to the center of the Octagon, Irvin cocked his fist and delivered a brutal right hand directly into Alexander's jaw. Alexander dropped like a sack of potatoes, Irvin pounced and delivered two more rights to Alexander's face while they were on the ground, and the referee immediately jumped in and waved the fight off. The official result is a TKO due to strikes, eight seconds into Round 1.

Alexander popped up almost immediately after the fight was stopped, leading some in the crowd in Broomfield, Colorado to boo what they thought of as a fast stoppage by the referee. And in the Octagon after the fight, Alexander said it shouldn't have been stopped.

But Alexander was wrong; it was definitely the right call: Replays showed that Alexander lost consciousness and was not in a position to protect himself. If the referee hadn't stopped the fight, he would have been risking a serious injury to Alexander.

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