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UFC President Dana White: MMA for Kids as Safe as Pop Warner Football

I've already weighed in on the Associated Press article that got this controversy started, but if you'd like to know what UFC President Dana White thinks about young children participating in mixed martial arts, here's a CBS News report:

White asks a completely reasonable question, "What do you think kids are doing when they play Pop Warner football?" And he correctly points out that kids who spend their lives sitting on the couch and playing video games are at a greater risk than kids who participate in MMA.

As for the guy CBS quoted saying, "Sports are supposed to be fun for kids, they're not supposed to be killing each other," well, to that I would say, no kidding. Which is why every responsible youth MMA organization requires supervision, proper equipment and physical exams. There's a reason that all of these people who decry youth MMA have yet to point to a single example of a kid suffering a serious injury in the sport.

And finally, could we have even one mainstream media report about MMA that doesn't include a factual error about the rules of the sport? CBS referred to MMA as "the competition which ends only when one fighter gives up," a patently false statement. As anyone who has ever watched the sport knows, an MMA fight can end when the referee stops it, when a ringside doctor stops it, when a fighter's corner stops it or when a certain number of rounds -- usually three or five -- has been fought. If the CBS reporter didn't know something as basic as how a fight ends, he shouldn't have been reporting on the sport.

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