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Cung Le Beats Frank Shamrock

Cung Le defeated Frank Shamrock tonight in San Jose to win the Strikeforce mixed martial arts middleweight title, putting together an impressive kickboxing display and pummeling Shamrock in the third round to prevent the champion from answering the bell for the fourth.

It was clear that Le was the better kickboxer and that Shamrock would have the advantage if they went to the ground, so Le wouldn't go to the ground. When Le knocked Shamrock to the canvas in the second round and again in the third, he didn't even try to capitalize. Instead he simply stood there and allowed Shamrock to get back to his feet, where Le was at the advantage.

Shamrock and Le engaged in some smack talk during the fight; Shamrock's mouth piece fell out twice when he opened his mouth to talk. But Shamrock stopped talking late in the third, when Le brutalized him with a roundhouse that left him staggered at the end of the round. When Shamrock went to his corner after the third, he had an apparent broken arm that prevented him from continuing the fight.

"Cung Le broke my right arm with a kick. I felt the bones clicking," Shamrock said in the cage after the fight. "He was the better champion."

Le, who had a long career as a professional kickboxer before switching to mixed martial arts, improves to 6-0 in MMA. Shamrock, who has bounced around various MMA and quasi-MMA organizations, falls to 24-9-1.

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