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Will Floyd Mayweather Try MMA? 'It's Possible'

Floyd Mayweather, the world's best boxer, is making the media rounds this week to promote his upcoming appearance at Wrestlemania XXIV.

And today on ESPN First Take, Mayweather was asked the question a lot of fans want to know: Might he try mixed martial arts after he finishes up his wrestling gig? Mayweather has made public comments for at least a year saying that he thinks he could become a champion in MMA, and Mark Cuban has suggested that he'd make Mayweather an attractive financial offer if he wanted to join up with Cuban's fledgling MMA organization. So will Mayweather do it?

"It's possible," Mayweather said. "You know, we don't know." When asked to put the likelihood that he'll fight in mixed martial arts on a scale of 1 to 10, Mayweather put it at 5. So that clears up absolutely nothing.

Mayweather spoke highly of Cuban, saying that as a self-made millionaire who would like to make even more money, he enjoys picking the brain of self-made billionaires like Cuban. But he wouldn't commit one way or another to whether he might actually enter into that type of business relationship with Cuban.

I think Mayweather would have a better chance of success in MMA than UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva would in boxing, but I seriously doubt either one is actually going to do it. When you're on the top of the world in one sport, would you really want to leave it for another?

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