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Brian Stann: A Future Star in MMA?

The little-known Brian Stann won the World Extreme Cagefighting light heavyweight championship tonight, knocking out defending champ Doug Marshall in the first round with a stunning strike straight to the jaw. Here's a look at Stann discussing his preparation for the fight:

Stann, who improved his record to 6-0, spoke highly of Marshall in the cage after the fight and then thanked, "My mom, my wife, my daughter, and all my Marines." Stann's nickname is All-American, and he's got just the kind of wholesome image the sport needs.

WEC is basically a minor league for UFC, and no one should think owning the WEC belt makes Stann one of the top light heavyweights in mixed martial arts. But it was a very impressive showing tonight for a fighter who's still relatively new to the sport. And given Stann's impressive personal story -- he's a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and a recipient of the Silver Star for combat in Iraq -- it would be great for MMA if Stann became a star.

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