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MMA Coming Soon to Maryland

Maryland is poised to become the latest state to realize that mixed martial arts is, in fact, a legitimate sport.

In a development that will no doubt be condemned by a newspaper columnist with a lot of Maryland readers, the state senate approved a bill on Friday that would allow the Maryland State Athletic Commission to oversee mixed martial arts. Supporters hope and expect that the legislation will pass in the House of Delegates and be signed by the governor. Gym owner John Rallo explains how the bill got passed:

"If we would have tried to get it legalized without supplying the stats and making the experts available to testify, I don't think it would have ever gotten passed," he said. "Education was the best way to get what we wanted, and I believed that all along."
Rallo has it exactly right: Opposition to MMA is based on ignorance, and the way to combat that opposition is through education. When a big MMA show turns up in Baltimore, fans will have Rallo to thank.

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