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A Hooters Girl Who's Also an MMA Fighter

Here's a look at Michelle Waterson, who fought and lost on Saturday night's XFA mixed martial arts card:

(Video via ballhype.) You've probably never heard of either XFA or of Waterson, and as she says in the interview, she's working at Hooters, as she's not at a point where she can make MMA a full-time job. To the best of my knowledge there aren't any women who are full-time MMA fighters.

But I believe women's MMA has the potential to help the sport's popularity. I also believe bringing women into the sport is a way that the smaller MMA organizations, like XFA and EliteXC, could gain some ground on the most popular, UFC.

In the video, Waterson says of UFC President Dana White's belief that MMA is a sport for men, "I completely disagree. Dana White's going to be Dana White and he can say whatever he wants but UFC's not the only venue we can fight in."

All it would take is a couple of female MMA fighters gaining crossover appeal in one of those other venues, and White will be sorry he's been so dismissive of women in the sport. I wish Waterson well.

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