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Meet Skip Hall, 63-Year-Old MMA Fighter

If you enjoy seeing men in their 60s get pummeled mercilessly, this is the video for you:

The guy on the bottom there was Skip Hall, a 63-year-old mixed martial arts fighter who is finally getting ready to retire from the sport. Mike Chiappetta of NBC Sports reports on Hall's decision to give up the sport:

The aches and pains that come with getting older are finally catching up to him, but not before one last fight. Kelly Rundle will get the honors of opposing Hall in his swan song. There is no animosity between the two; in fact, like many fighters set to square off, they're quite friendly away from the ring.

"I've always said it's kind of a strange thing, but some of my best friends around the world are people that have hit me in the face," Hall says with a laugh.

Hall didn't look all that impressive in the above video, but the mere fact that he's in the ring is impressive enough for me. Billy Crystal, let's see you try that.

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