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Randy Couture Says He'll Fight Fedor Emelianenko 'Hopefully by Fall ... Not in UFC'

In news that would be great for fans of mixed martial arts if we could believe that it's true, UFC heavyweight champion in exile Randy Couture says he expects to fight Fedor Emelianenko after Couture's contract with UFC expires this year, "hopefully by fall":

(Via MMA Mania)

When asked if he cared where a Couture-EmeIianenko fight would take place, he said, "I care at this point that it's not in the UFC." A recent report indicated that a Couture-Emelianenko UFC fight isn't outside the realm of possibility, but Couture seems to have closed the door on that. That's why I remain skeptical that it's going to happen: UFC's lawyers are going to do everything in their power to keep it from happening, unless it happens in UFC.

If the fight does happen, Couture said he would prefer that the fight take place in the United States, and in a cage rather than in a ring. He added that he and Emelianenko respect each other, that there won't be any trash-talking leading up to their fight, and that Emelianenko even invited Couture to Russia so that they could train together.

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