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L.A. Twin Brothers Will Both Box in Olympics: One for USA, One for Mexico

Twin brothers Javier and Oscar Molina were born in Southern California to Mexican parents 18 years ago, and they both took up boxing at an early age and became great fighters. Here's a look at Oscar from last year's Police Athletic League boxing championships:

Javier won the 141-pound class at the U.S. Olympic trials last year, and assuming he fights as well as he's expected to in this week's qualifying tournament in Trinidad, he'll box under the American flag in Beijing.

Oscar lost in the 152-pound class last year, but that didn't end his Olympic dream: Because Olympic rules allow athletes to represent their parents' home countries, Oscar then went to Mexico, where he won the qualifying tournament. He's expected to qualify for the Beijing Games at the qualifying tournament in Trinidad as well.

That will make the Molinas the first pair of twins ever to compete for different countries in the same Olympics. Thanks to the 11-pound weight difference, there's no concern that they'll have to fight each other, which they've both said they won't do. But they could bring medals back to the same home -- even if they're doing it for two different homelands.


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