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Long Banned in New York, UFC Begins Lobbying for Legalization

The sport of mixed martial arts is banned in the state of New York, which means one of the fastest-growing sports organizations in America -- UFC -- can't have events in the biggest city in America.

But that could soon change. UFC has unveiled a new web site,, that is devoted to improving the image of the sport, debunking some of the myths surrounding it, and ultimately getting it legalized in New York and other places where it's still banned.

And really, it's just a matter of time before UFC succeeds in permanently banishing the silly "human cockfighting" myths that exist around its sport. To realize how ridiculous the people who want this sport banned are, considering that when then-New York Gov. George Pataki explained his move to keep the sport out of the state 11 years ago, he said, "to have someone who wins by using choke holds and kicking people while they are down is not someone our children should be looking to emulate."

Ah, yes, we must protect the children. Because if children could emulate something they see on TV, it has to be illegal. Which is why it's illegal to film any type of violent television show or movie in New York, right?

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