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UFC's Dana White: Mark Cuban Doesn't Give a (Bleep) About Mixed Martial Arts

Another day, another profanity-laced interview with UFC President Dana White. Yesterday we had White's 46-expletive interview with the Orange County Register, and today Dan Duggan of the Boston Herald gives us some more White quotes, including this one about the person who could become his biggest rival:
"I don't dislike Mark Cuban at all," White said. "He's a smart guy and he's made lots of money. ... And he's invested millions and millions of dollars into (HDNet). He thinks that MMA is a hot commodity right now so he's trying to get viewers. What he wants to do is build HDNet up and then sell it to Comcast or Time Warner or one of the other cable systems. He doesn't give a (expletive) about mixed martial arts."
White might be right that Cuban, the Dallas Mavericks' owner, doesn't give a (expletive) about mixed martial arts. But if that's the case, so what?

Whether Cuban decided to get into the MMA business because he cares about the sport or because he cares about making money, either way, his goal would be to set up fights that would appeal to a large number of fans, right? So the end result would be the same.

Cuban knows that to make his brand of MMA popular, he's going to need to offer fans something that White hasn't been able to offer them. If he does that he'll make money. If he doesn't he won't. Whether he gives a (expletive) about MMA or not doesn't really enter into the equation.

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