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UFC President Dana White's 46-Expletive Orange County Register Interview

Carlos Arias of the Orange County Register (which is probably the best newspaper in the country at covering mixed martial arts) has a fascinating interview with UFC President Dana White, and the first thing that will stick out to you as you read it, especially if you're not familiar with the way White speaks, is that White uses just a tad bit more profanity than, say, Roger Goodell, David Stern or Bud Selig would.

By my count, Arias had to replace something White said with "(expletive)" 46 times in the transcript of the interview. But once you get past that, there are some interesting nuggets, including:

"I'm still talking to HBO....

"The other thing is that goes with Fedor [Emelianenko] thing is all these people get out there and start talking. It's like every (expletive) five minutes I'm answering questions about the new guy that's going to take the UFC down. ... The next guy is (HDNet Fights') Mark Cuban. He's a billionaire, this, that and everything else. Then the CBS deal pops up and Mark Cuban isn't as scary anymore. Look at CBS now. Every (expletive) day it's somebody new.

"I don't even know about Randy [Couture]. I haven't even thought about Randy. We're in court with him. As far as I'm concerned he's the heavyweight champion of the UFC.

The whole interview is worth a read.

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