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Chuck Liddell: 'I'd Like to Fight Fedor'

UFC's Chuck Liddell was asked to name his "dream match," and he answered that he wants to fight Fedo Emelianenko:

"I'd like to fight Fedor because I think he's overrated. He matches up stylistically with me. Fedor's a good ground-and-pound guy, he doesn't have one-punch power from his feet, so it'd be fun to fight him."

Yesterday I would have assumed that such a fight would be contractually impossible, but it now looks like Emelianenko could actually fight in UFC. So how would a fight with Liddell go?

I like Liddell, but I must say, Emelianenko would absolutely destroy him. Emelianenko outweighs Liddell by 30 pounds or so, and Emelianenko is in his prime while Liddell is past his. This fight won't happen. It is fun to think about, though.

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