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Tito Ortiz: 'I'm Done With the UFC'

UFC star Tito Ortiz, flanked by his girlfriend, porn star Jenna Jameson, gave a brief interview in which he bashed UFC President Dana White and shared his thoughts about Kimbo Slice:

"I'm not retiring. I'll be fighting for at least another three years," Ortiz said, before adding, "I'm done with the UFC, I'm done being taken advantage of. I'm done with being disrespected. I've been in the sport for 11 years. I gave them a third of my life and they give me no respect....

"It just shows that the president, Dana White, is full of himself. His biggest victim is himself. I think he's going to be a person who's going to ruin the company."

Ortiz said inaccurately that EliteXC has signed with NBC (it actually signed with CBS), but he sounds like he'd like to join EliteXC, as he spoke highly of Slice, EliteXC's biggest star. Ortiz and Jameson inform us that their dog's nickname is Kimbo Slice because, Jameson said, "he looks like him."

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