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UFC: Mark Coleman Will Fight Brock Lesnar

Former UFC heavyweight champion Mark Coleman was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame tonight at UFC 82, and he used the occasion as an opportunity to announce that he's about to get back into the Octagon.

His next opponent? Former pro wrestler Brock Lesnar, who lost his first UFC fight last month.

Coleman vs. Lesnar will be an interesting match, if not a particularly good one. There was a time when Coleman was great, but that time was many years ago. He is 43 years old, he hasn't fought anyone in more than a year, he hasn't beaten anyone in more than two years, he's lost four of his last seven, and he just hasn't made the necessary adjustments to his style of fighting.

Sherdog reports that the Coleman-Lesnar fight is scheduled for Aug. 9 in Minneapolis at UFC 87, and it's the first of a four-fight deal Coleman signed Saturday.

Against Lesnar, who knows what will happen? Lesnar is just a big strong guy who doesn't really know how to fight in MMA, and maybe Coleman's experience will put him back in the winning margin. I wouldn't count on this fight being worth watching, though.

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