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UFC 82 Undercard Live Blog: Tanner-Okami, Kongo-Herring, Fitch-Wilson, Leben-Sakara

Now that the undercard is over, join me in the FanHouse Anderson Silva-Dan Henderson main event live blog.

Welcome to the UFC 82 undercard FanHouse live blog, where we'll be providing live, round-by-round updates of all the action from tonight's four undercard fights.

As you get ready for the fights to start, please check out my column: As MMA Goes Legit, Detractors Will Continue to Miss the Real Issues for Fans

Minute-by-minute updates of the undercard fights begin after the jump.
Once the fights have started, refresh this page every minute for constant updates.

Jon Fitch vs. Chris Wilson
Fitch and Wilson have entered the Octagon.
Round 1
This fight is underway. Fitch starts things off with a leg kick. Fitch then tries to get a hold, Wilson avoids the takedown. Early on, Wilson is doing a nice job and he has Fitch in trouble. Wilson connected with a knee. But Fitch gets a nice takedown. It's a closer, less active fight than I expected. Wilson is doing a nice job of disguising what's coming and that's why he's had the advantage, but now Fitch has a takedown. They end on the ground, and I give that round to Wilson, 10-9.

Round 2:
They get things started with Fitch relentlessly going for Wilson's legs. Fitch is landing a lot of body punches on the ground, which will eventually do some damage. The round is basically going the way Fitch wants, with Fitch spending most of the time on top on the ground. But Wilson has been much better than I expected at defending himself on the ground. Fitch is in an excellent position with a minute to go in the round, and Wilson will have a tough time staying alive until the bell rings. The round is coming to an end, and it's been a good one for Fitch, but the fact that this is still anyone's fight has to be encouraging to Wilson. Fitch, 10-9.

Round 3:
Wilson is staying on his feet early, which gives him the best chance to win. Fitch lands a solid right hand. The crowd is getting a bit restless, as this hasn't been the most action-packed of fights. Fitch finally gets a takedown with two minutes to go. I don't think Wilson is going to get out of this one. Fitch is really punishing Wilson here, and Wilson has done very little in the last minute and a half. But at the last moment Wilson almost got Fitch in a triangle choke, and we could have had a stunning submission. Instead, I would give this round to Fitch, 10-9, and I think the judges will give him the fight. John Fitch wins by unanimous decision. I'm very surprised that two of the three judges gave the first round to Fitch.

Evan Tanner vs. Yushin Okami
Both men are in the Octagon. Joe Rogan is talking about Tanner's blog.
Round 1: This fight is underway. They spent about 30 seconds feeling each other out before Tanner threw the first punch. Through the first minute and a half they're staying on their feet and boxing before Okami drills Tanner with a beautiful left hand! Tanner goes flat on his back after Okami's strike, but then Tanner does a nice job fighting Okami off, and now they're back on their feet. They're now battling against the fence, without a whole lot of action. Okami has had control for the most part, but he hasn't done a lot of damage after that one straight left hand. Tanner has landed a couple of nice inside leg kicks. Okami tries a head kick but doesn't land it. I give the round to Okami, 10-9.

Round 2: Tanner has two cuts around his right eye, but they don't seem to be bothering him too much. Okami lands a nice combination. Tanner connects with a left hand. Okami connects with a kick to the abdomen. Okami is looking basically like a boxer in this fight; he's doing almost all of his damage with simple straight strikes to the face. And out of nowhere Okami lands a monumental knee! And it's over! Okami beats Tanner by knockout. That knee was an absolute shocker. The ref did a nice job stepping in after Tanner got knocked out because Okami really could have done some damage if it hadn't been stopped so quickly. Okami just had one of his best fights, and he could get a title shot some time this year.

Chris Leben vs. Alessio Sakara
Sakara has entered the Octagon. Leben has entered the Octagon.

Round 1: This fight is underway. Leben got a nice left hook early. Sakara is landing some solid strikes to the face and Leben is doing a nice job of absorbing them, although absorbing punches to the face isn't exactly the way to have a long and healthy life.They're basically just punching each other, which makes for an action-packed fight, but they're not looking like very skilled fighters. The ad on Leben's shorts is really classy, by the way. And it's over! Leben lands a series of strikes and the ref stops it! Leben wins by TKO. The ref waited too long to stop that one. Leben has some serious blood pouring out of his eye, but he managed to win the fight.

Note: It has been announced that Mark Coleman will fight Brock Lesnar.

Heath Herring vs. Cheick Kongo
Herring's entrance music is some lame Western stuff. Herring has entered the Octagon. Kong's entrance music is some kind of Euro techno stuff. Joe Rogan says Kongo has the best physique in mixed martial arts, and I'd have to agree. Kongo has entered the Octagon.
Round 1
This fight is underway. Wow! Herring starts things off with a big strike to the head and Kongo goes down. But Kongo gets a takedown against the cage, and now Kongo has the back. Another takedown by Kongo against the cage. The first minute and a half of this fight has been action packed, and both guys have done some damage. Kongo has landed several knees to Herring's leg. Kongo has the full mount. They get back up to their feet, and Herring is doing a pretty solid job here. And then Kongo lands several strikes to the head, and Herring dodges a bullet by grabbing onto Kongo for dear life. Herring has a cut under his left eye. I'll give this one to Kongo 10-9.

Round 2:
They go right to the ground, with Kongo landing some punches and Herring not able to control him. Kongo's ground game is much better than it used to be; that's why he's improved to the point where he might get a title shot. Herring got an up kick to Kongo's face. They go to the ground and Kongo has the advantage again. And now Herring gets on top in the north-south position. Herring could go for an arm bar here. Herring is landing a series of knees to the ribs. I give this round to Herring, 10-9.

Round 3:
Herring knocks Kongo to the ground at the beginning of the round but then Kongo gets the advantageous position near the fence. They go to their feet and Herring briefly turns his back, and if Kongo had capitalized he could have knocked him out with a high kick, but he missed his chance. When they go to the ground Herring is curling up into a ball for defense, and it's actually working better than you'd think. Kongo is using his feet, pushing off against the cage, and it's helping him get leverage. Herring is landing a lot of knees to the ribs, and Kongo isn't doing a whole lot to defend himself. Herring in full mount. The final seconds tick off with Herring on top, and I give the round to Herring, 10-9. I'll let you know what the judges say as soon as they announce it. Herring wins by split decision.

Now that the undercard is over, join me in the FanHouse Anderson Silva-Dan Henderson main event live blog.

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