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UFC 82: Anderson Silva-Dan Henderson Live

It's over. Anderson Silva wins by submission with a rear-naked choke.

Welcome to the FanHouse live blog of the UFC 82 main event, featuring UFC champion Anderson Silva against Pride champion Dan Henderson.

The main event should start a little before midnight Eastern. Minute-by-minute updates of the main event begin after the jump.

The undercard is over. Once the main event has started, refresh this page every minute for constant updates.

Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson
Henderson has entered the Octagon. Silva's entrance music is some strange stuff. Silva has entered the Octagon. The crowd is very much behind Silva, which is a bit surprising considering that Silva is Brazilian and Henderson is American, but Silva is such a great fighter that a lot of UFC fans have come to respect him.
Round 1
: This fight is underway. Henderson went to touch gloves and Silva declined, and that led the crowd to boo. They spend the first 30 seconds feeling each other out before Henderson goes for a leg kick. Henderson tried to go in but Silva landed a strike, and then a high kick. A big right high kick from Silva. Nice takedown from Henderson. Henderson is exactly where he wants to be at the halfway point of round 1. Henderson is landing some strikes, and he's also covering up Silva's mouth and nose. Henderson is hitting Silva on the side of the head with some hammer strikes, and he's been on top for a couple of minutes now. Silva finally slips out with about 20 seconds left in the round. I give this round to Henderson, 10-9. Very good round.

Round 2: Silva goes for a high kick and misses, and then they exchange strikes. Henderson goes for a kick but Silva grabs it and lands a couple of strikes. Then Henderson comes in with some strikes. They spend the first minute on their feet and then it's to the ground, where Silva has top position. They're standing against the fence, and Silva is landing some strikes while Henderson lands some knees. Henderson lands some strikes but then Silva lands a brutal knee to the head. They go to the ground with Silva on top, and Henderson is trying to shake off that knee. Henderson is hurting. Silva is on top and controlling the fight with a minute and a half to go. Henderson took a chance at landing an elbow and missed, and now he's in big trouble. Silva is in control of this fight. And that's it! Henderson taps! Anderson Silva wins by submission with a rear-naked choke.

UFC 82 is now over, but if you're looking for some more UFC commentary, please read my column, As MMA Goes Legit, Detractors Will Continue to Miss the Real Issues for Fans.

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