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UFC wins preliminary injunction against Randy Couture

Zuffa, the parent company of the UFC, has obtained a preliminary injunction in a case against UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture.

Las Vegas District Court Judge Jennifer Togliatti ruled Thursday that Couture is prohibited from further violating his contract by involving himself with competing mixed martial arts events, specifically Friday's IFL event in Las Vegas.

As a preventive measure, Couture asked the IFL before the ruling was announced to remove any mention of his likeness from the Las Vegas event.

Up until Thursday, Xtreme Couture was promoted on the IFL card in a team versus team matchup against Mario Sperry's World Class Fight Center. The Xtreme Couture team, coached by Shawn Tompkins, will now be referred to as Team Tompkins.

Technically, only one, Josh Haynes, of the three members of Team Tompkins in the team matchup were actually from Xtreme Couture. Santino DeFranco and Lew Polley are members of the American Top Team.

Zuffa filed a lawsuit against Couture on Jan. 14 for causing the UFC irreparable damage and for breaching his contract by resigning from the company.

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