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Will Kimbo Slice Become the First MMA Fighter on Network TV?

Is network television ready for this?

That was Kimbo Slice, the notorious underground brawler who's now becoming a (sort of) legitimate mixed martial arts fighter. And soon he might be hitting the big-time, network television.

MMA Junkie reports that Elite Xtreme Combat, which promotes Slice's fights, is expected to announce a deal with CBS that will put MMA on network television for the first time. EliteXC already has a TV deal with Showtime, which is part of the CBS Corporation, so it wouldn't be much of a leap to see EliteXC on CBS.

And although Slice is just about the last fighter you'd expect to say this about, this move would be a major step toward legitimizing MMA in the eyes of the many who still don't understand that it's a real sport. I'm not sure that Slice is the guy MMA fans should want as the public face of their sport, but anything that gets MMA on network television is a good thing.

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