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Randy Couture: 'The Best Fighters Have to Be Allowed to Fight Each Other'

In addition to being the best mixed martial arts fighter in the world, Randy Couture is also an extremely eloquent person, as he shows in this interview:

Of a potential fight with Fedor Emelianenko -- a fight that UFC does not want to happen outside its auspices -- Couture said, "At some point, the best fighters have to be allowed to fight each other, regardless of promotion or production, otherwise, we're going to lose the trust of the fans that we've worked so hard to gain over the years."

That's exactly right. The biggest reason that boxing has lost fans and mixed martial arts has gained fans is that the fans perceive that they're more likely to see the best fighters fight each other in MMA than they are in boxing. It would be a shame if MMA lost that.

Couture also talks in the interview about wanting more transparency in MMA contracts, and expanding the Muhammad Ali Act to include MMA fighters. Anyone who believes mixed martial arts fighters are savages should simply watch Couture speak for a couple of minutes.