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Dan Henderson Prepares for Anderson Silva, Tells Jim Rome UFC Treats Him Well

I wrote this morning that UFC 82 has been almost completely ignored by the mainstream sports media. But one exception is Jim Rome, who did this tremendous interview with Dan Henderson on ESPN's Rome Is Burning:

Rome was impressive in the interview, coming across as well-prepared and knowledgeable about the sport of mixed martial arts, and not treating it like a sideshow the way that many in the sports media do. The most interesting part of the interview came when Rome asked Henderson -- who joined UFC when UFC purchased his contract with Pride -- about the claims from some quarters that UFC doesn't treat the fighters well.

"They've been great -- I've got no complaints whatsoever," Henderson said. "They take care of me. As far as I know, some of [the other Pride] fighters as well, they do a good job taking care of the other fighters as well."

As for the upcoming fight with Anderson Silva, Henderson said, "I'm not afraid of his hands. He's definitely more technical than I am, I'm not arguing that fact, but I have a little more power."

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