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Kimbo Slice-Tank Abbott Video Says It All

I'm intrigued by tonight's Kimbo Slice-Tank Abbott fight, but this video of Slice and Abbott weighing in explains why it doesn't compare to the Kelly Pavlik-Jermain Taylor fight:

As that video shows, Abbott is a washed-up, out-of-shape brawler, not a legitimate athlete of any kind. If Abbott cared enough about his sport to get into shape and weigh in at 220 pounds or so, it might be interesting to see him fight. Instead he weighs 263 pounds and will get crushed by Slice, who just barely qualifies as "legitimate athlete" himself.

Pavlik-Taylor, of course, is a matchup of two of the best boxers in the world, two great fighters in peak physical condition. I'll watch both fights, but Pavlik-Taylor is the main attraction. Slice-Abbott is the sideshow.

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