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Kimbo Slice KOs Tank Abbott

Street fighter turned mixed martial arts fighter Kimbo Slice knocked out former UFC star Tank Abbott in their Elite Xtreme Combat fight tonight. If you're not familiar with his previous work, here's a look at Kimbo on YouTube:

Abbott, a more experienced mixed martial arts fighter than Slice, tried to go for a takedown early, but it didn't work. Slice hit Abbott in the back of the head when Abbott dove at Slice's feet, and as a result the referee halted the fight for a moment to warn Slice about punching to the back of the head.

But once they started fighting again, Slice and Abbott turned back into the usual brawlers, and since Slice is in much better shape than Abbott, Slice was at the advantage. Within seconds Slice landed the knockout punch. The whole fight lasted less than a minute, and Slice got another knockout over a sub-par opponent on his record.

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