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Kimbo Slice Is Not a Role Model

When Charles Barkley famously said in a Nike commercial that he's not a role model, I could at least understand why the question would be asked: Barkley was, at the time, one of the five most popular basketball players in the country, and popular basketball players are often viewed as role models.

But Kimbo Slice a role model? No one would even think about that, would they? Apparently someone would:

Slice was asked if he's looking to be a role model, and he said, "No, I wouldn't want kids that I don't know to look up to me."

I wouldn't want kids looking up to him either. Although I'm looking forward to watching Slice fight Tank Abbott on Saturday night (a fight we'll be covering here at FanHouse), that's a far cry from thinking it's a good idea for children to look up to him. Slice got to where he is by beating people up in back alleys and having the fights posted on the Internet. That's not really the kind of thing we want our nation's youth to think is the way to make it in this world.

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