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Igor Vovchanchyn to stay retired

Former Pride fighter Igor Vovchanchyn, who last competed in August 2005, plans to stay retired from mixed martial arts.

"I'm a businessman now," Vovchanchyn said in an interview on the MFC M-1 website. "I won't come back. Sure I think about it every once in a while, but I'm 35."

Vovchanchyn fought over 55 times in his ten-year career as a mixed martial artist and another 60 times as a kickboxer. Understandably, the combat sports world has taken a toll on him.

"The main problem is the injuries. I can't even strike with my right hand. I got three screws in my right elbow and one in the left. I'm about to undergo an operation on my nose, as I can't breathe right. To sum things up, there is no sense in my comeback."

Vovchanchyn was a Pride regular, competing a total of 27 times for the organization. In 2000, the heavy-hitter defeated Alexander Otsuka, Gary Goodridge and Kazushi Sakuraba to advance to the Pride Grand Prix Finals.