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UFC 81: Frank Mir Beats Brock Lesnar

Former professional wrestling star Brock Lesnar lost his UFC debut Saturday night when Frank Mir beat him with a first-round submission.

"I came out trying to pressure Frank but he's a world class jui-jitsu guy," said Lesnar, a former NCAA champion wrestler. "You win some, you lose some."

The loss is a major disappointment to UFC President Dana White, who wanted to market Lesnar as the next big thing in UFC. But it's good for the sport of mixed martial arts, a sport that many casual sports fans and members of the mainstream media still don't understand. When you're trying to gain respect as a legitimate sport, aligning yourself with a pro wrestler is the wrong way to go.

Mir, who won with a kneebar at 1:30 of the first round, said, "I wasn't worried about the fight being stopped. I had Brock Lesnar dropping elbows on the top of my head, but I still came through with the submission."

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