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Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Beats Tim Sylvia for UFC Interim Heavyweight Title at UFC 81

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is the new UFC heavyweight champion, taking the title by submitting Tim Sylvia in the third round Saturday night.

Everyone agreed that Sylvia won a dominant first round, and most people thought he also won the second. But Nogueira got Sylvia on the ground in the third round and finished him off with a guillotine choke, forcing a tapout 1:28 into the round.

Nogueira's title has the "interim" label, as UFC still claims that Randy Couture is something of a champion in exile. Couture says he's done with UFC; the organization says he's still under contract, and President Dana White has said he thinks Couture will eventually come back.

If Couture does come back, he takes on Nogueira for the title. But for now, Nogueira is the champ.

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